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Leonardo’s Last Supper

Speaker: Jeffery Courtney


Last Supper

Faulty technique, peeling off the wall, totally overpainted, ‘restored’ and bombed;

Leonardo’s masterpiece refuses to die!  

Despite the ravages of time and human neglect and folly, the Last Supper remains one of the greatest works of art in the western world.  Ground breaking, breathtaking, a new creation, people at the time were amazed at a work of such power and creative genius. Even today with what little remains of Leonardo’s original his masterpiece continues to inspire and astound us. Jeffery Courtney will analyse what makes this painting so fascinating and enduring. 

Jeffery Courtney is a professional painter, teacher and lecturer. Trained at the Royal Academy Schools, he has made extensive studies of the techniques of painting including working on a major mural project at Waterperry House, Oxfordshire, using the same traditional buon fresco techniques that were used in the Italian renaissance.  

This on-line talk using Zoom will take place
10.30 – 12 on Saturday 31st October 2020 

The lecture is open to all and free of charge.
(a suggested £5 donation would be welcome)


To receive the Zoom link please email PracticalPhilosophyBerkshire@gmail.com and the link will be sent along with a link to make a donation.