Welcome to School of Philosophy Berkshire

A ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Conversations with Sri Santananda Sarasvati

Key to the practice of philosophy in the School has been the conversations between the School leader and the Śankarārcaya, Śrī Śantānanda Sarasvatī, which started in 1965 and have continued, now with their successors, up to the current day.

We will work our way through these conversations in chronological order. As with all our courses, the emphasis will be on discovering for ourselves, in practice, the import of his words in our daily life.

The course this term will be held on-line using Zoom.  This software is simple to use and all details of how to join the "classroom" will be sent to you when you register.

There are 6 sessions this term every other Friday morning:

1st May, 15th May, 29th May

12th June, 26th June, 10th July

Starting at 10:00am and finishing by 11:30.  The cost will be £25 for the term.

If interested please contact Stephen Silver directly on sfs1.ses@gmail.com