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Past Events


Past Talks held at Boyn Grove, Maidenhead

June 2019 To Be or Not to Be, That really IS the question (Stephen Silver) Click here for slides. 

March 2019 Understanding the Levels of Law in Operation (Ian Murdoch) Click here for text.

June 2018 Living a Philosophic Life (Stephen Silver). Click here for text.

February 2018 Advaita Philosophy (Mark Ryland)Click here for slides. 

October 2017 Free Public Transport: How is it that Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway pays an annual dividend to the Hong Kong Government, while Transport for London is subsidised by £1bn a year? (Andrew Purves) Click here for slides. Click here for a link to Andrew's book.

June 2017 Philosophy and Decision Making: What is Right Action, Right Now? (Stephen Silver). Click here for the text and click here for the slides.

February 2017 Rumi and the Way of Love (Julian Hubbersgilt). Click here for some contextual slides and here for the selection of poems read on the day.

November 2016 Location, Location, Location ... and Brexit (Peter Holland). Click here for slides. .

June 2016 Dialectic (Stephen Silver). 

This talk used as its source the booklet on Dialectic produced by our sister school in Australia. The five principles are:

The booklet is available to purchase through the School online bookshop. Click Here

February 2016 Plato: does he still matter? (Valery Rees).

November 2015 Just Interest - the rights and wrongs of usury (Richard Glover). 

June 2015 Being Awake (Stephen Silver)

February 2015 Making the Natural Law Practical (Stephen Silver) click here for text handout

November 2014 Joining the Dots: Economics, Energy & Environment (Hugh McNeil & Matt McNeil)

February 2014 The Stoics: A Positive Approach to Fulfilment and Freedom (Stephen Silver) click here for text plus slides

October 2013 - Practical Philosophy as a Way of Life (Stephen Silver) click here for text handout